paper post

Sinterklaas package (full of candy!)to my sister



Letter to Rossichka

and backside



A wonderful project: Round-the-world-card, made by

and on the backside a little story:


birthdaypresent from Roberto!

and backside

and... this was in it!


Letter to my aunt


Letter to Rossitchka (snailmail)


Letter to Roberto


letter to Rossichka



package to my aunt




Happy birthday package to my sister in Seattle

and the backside



Letter to Rossichka



package to a friend


package to Rossichka



This is a present I recieved from Rossichka!

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  1. What a surprise!!! So, this seems to be a page about real letters, doesn't it? Oh, it's an honour to post here my papercutting, thank you!
    Now I know what I am waiting for... And inside the envelope - an invitation for creating together. How nice!:))

  2. Dear Hedwig,
    I suppose that no one of your followers notices this new link and they miss soooooo much!
    All the envelopes are gorgeous! Maybe you are the only one that draws envelopes like that.:) This is incredible - to tell stories in such a sweet way! And to bring so much joy to so many unknown people... Moving pieces of art!:))0

  3. Rossichka, told me that come and see this!
    I had not discovered, (OK, I'm a little awkward, not in vain I have 87 years old, my neuron number 15 does not want to work)

    HEDWIGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! you're going to kill me!!
    seeing your drawings is like an overdose of pleasure!! and I want more, this is addictive!
    I would love to do this, too, but I'm afraid someone in the post office can keep it for himself. I should try, at least.
    Hedwig. you are great. I want to tell you something (not being sexist, you know I'm not sexist) but generally, there are not many women (which draw as you) with good sense of humor, there are, yes, illustrators women, to be a cartoonist with good sense of humor seems to be something reserved for men. There are few women, and you are among those few women. Excellent!
    I appreciate you, I admire you and I love you (respectfully and with apologies to your husband)
    I want more! I feel withdrawal symptoms :)))

  4. Oh, Hedwig! This envelope is so thrilling! It tells a story! Roberto will be shining out of joy, but I won't tell him.:) Let it be a surprise - either "in real" or seeing it here before receiving the letter. You are amazing! xx

    1. Ha Ha yes I am jumping for joy since I received this letter, Rossichka, you did not know I already got?
      Look at my blog. there is!

  5. The envelope on the occasion of your birthday is already a present! How lovely!!!

  6. I'm looking and reading and looking, and looking at the completed Yellow Card! And a big smile from my heart to my face is shining... How nice! There's a story, even a suspense... Lovely colours; happy ending! You must be very happy, Hedwig!:)xx

  7. BELLISIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your card has been very good!
    History has been very good
    I think when I get my card and display it on my blog I will make a link to this site. May I?
    Oh!!!! my envelope for your birthday, haha ​​was a test, I was afraid it would not come to you. I will make a better one and I'll send it, it's a promise.
    Buenas noches!!!!

  8. Isn't this "rabbit" envelope a little wonder?!!!

  9. fine collection of paper post!
    your card is very strong, I think, and elegant!
    x Stefanie