digital cards

For Joyce whom I call sweet little chicken

For Jur who loves to play basket ball

For John who has a motorbike. Honda Shadow.

For Joan whom I met in biodanza class

For Jill who dreams of living in a tiny house

For Jessica. sister of Joyce, whom I call sweet little chicken too

For Danielle who made a book about knitting

Because we love you

For Bob who wanted a leather jacket for his birthday

For Hans who makes video's

Another one for Hans

For Louisa. It snowed the day she was born.

For Menno who works for the Ministry of General Affairs.

For Hester to brighten her day.

For Aad who likes red wine

For Geert who took me on a trip to Zollverein, an old cole mine in Germany

For Fokje who is a teacher

For me, made after a biodanza workshop

For Els who makes medicine from herbs

For Ester who had a dream about skating at night. On socks!

For Evelien who loves to go to the sauna

For Daan who is in the coffee business

For Coen who had ganglio in his hand

For Kristy who is born in Japan

For Arie who has a new black dog

For Gemma who lives in a campervan

For George who is born on october 3, the day the Dutch celebrate 'Leidens ontzet' and eat 'hutspot': mashed onions, carrots and potatoes.

For Gerrie who has a golden retriever called Delphi

For Gerrit who loves to ski

For Liesbeth who has a Friesian horse called Annemien

For Liesbeth who is born in autumn

For Linda who loves to walk long distances

For Carel who drinks his wine on top of the Monte Rosa

For Aldrik who is a funny soccer fan

For Lisa the lovely flower girl

For Lisa who's favorite flower is the waterlily

For mom to remember the walks in Ravenna park

For Mark and Marie Louise who work close together

For Marc who spends his free time on Kreta

For Marjolein who goes with Marc to Kreta

For Monique who does research about treeroots

For Christina my spiritual niece

For Ria who has a dog called Guinness

For Roberto, my Argentine friend

For Roos-Marie who knows what to wear

For Roy who adores Napoleon

For Sandra who loves to tolt

For my friend Thea who is a family doctor

For Tracy who is from Kirkcaldy, Scotland

For wonderful Yvette who studies silence

For Nelleke who works in a statue garden where the rare and beautiful Gunnera grows

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