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9 april 2013

IF urban

My own 'little street of Vermeer'.

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  1. I prefer your "Little street", Hedwig! ! Really, I do! It's more picturesque and vivid! I think Vermeer would like it, too...:) Have you made other interpretations of famous paintings? This one is great! And again your sweet, light sense of humour... It's strange to see you sitting there - maybe you had been used to do it once, many decades ago...
    Really, really a wonderful drawing!!xx

  2. Oh. Oh Oh Witchy Wonderful Woman!
    this is a marvel of painting
    I looked up the original picture to compare it with yours, and I agree with Rossichka! yours is much more fun, your sense of humor, makes this version reaches our heart, I think Vermeer, right now, is dying of laughter :DDD
    undoubtedly, your IF is my favorite :)♥

  3. I have nothing to say about your drawing, it's like if I have already said all :O

    1. Dear toaD, you are a person silent,
      I know it's good whatever you ment,
      but all is never said.
      So please, one word, give me that!

  4. Oooh, this is terrific! You should do more streetscapes! Great bricks and window details!

  5. Very sweet painting.
    Oh, I miss these little streets of Europe.

  6. I love it to have breakfast with all your sweet comments! That's what I like about IF:
    First you get a word that you would never choose voluntary. I don't like to draw buildings, cars, machines etc. That why I took a great Dutch master to help me.
    Second, to hear your voices is allways a real boost for me.
    And I think Baba Marta is in a sweet mood too, because the cold wind stopped blowing and instead we have a soft spring rain. This is gonna be a very nice day. Thank you!

    1. I hate drawing bicycles, is so hard for me :(
      Spring rains sprout and grow seeds
      We always have a seed inside, which will give a beautiful plant
      that plant we see through our drawings, or what we do with love and creativity, and every year it grows more and more
      probably, this plant will never flourish ... because our drawing will never be perfect
      But the beautiful thing is to give it the opportunity to grow. do not think so, WW?

    2. Well, nobody is perfect, and perhaps nothing is perfect, I don't know. Perfect is not interesting, but the blossoming of creativity is vital. Growth, energy, playfulness, focus, change, for me those are important things. I planted potatoes and broad beans today!

    3. Hey, I tried to make a garden several years ago but, ants, locusts, and hares ate everything.
      I will try again this year but with beds on stilts, not on the floor, I'll tell you the result, later I will send you a photo of my hot peppers plants :))

    4. Haha, I fight with cats, birds, snails, moles, caterpillars... I have raised beds, but my enemies find them, no problem. This is the third year of my vegetable garden. I want to make a story about the garden and made an other 'blog' just about that. It's not really started up, just the beginning. There are some photo's too at: http://hedwigml.tumblr.com/

      What's ignatz??? Why do you change your name all the time?

    5. .....(for I am fleeing from justice) (I need to change my name all the time)

    6. Oh, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I loved the illustrations, WW. you are a great illustrator, and you have a wonderful, exquisite, fine, and very good sense of humor.
      and this, (the sense of humor) is not learned, you are born with it, or not born with it, and you have it, that's a huge capital for an illustrator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      you only exercise it more and more. Thanks for letting me see your ilustrations, sincerely from the heart, thank you very much!

    7. Photos? I did not see photos! where are the photos? (:O
      I want to see the PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

    8. Helllo! May I join your conversation?... I'm also very happy to have seen more drawings of you, Hedwig and to have learned a bit more about your art experience!! Roberto is right - you have such a sweet sense of humour in drawing and writing... You are a master of the movement !!!
      Well, let me share that I feel soooo well when I finish my day, reading your words, when I smile late in the evening (while drinking my night coffee with milk!) and know that somewhere far, far away there are two people, close to me, whose blog-friendship I appreciate so much!
      Baba Marta? Well, I suspect that she is still somewhere around, in a definitely good mood!:)))))

  7. I don't like drawing machines/houses/architecture/landscapes , I don't know how, I haven't practised at all! But your house and street is just beautifully done and looks so lovely and cozy I want to move there! :)

  8. So cute....!! I live on similar street myself. I feel it is almost village-like but of course it is urban, this is what cities looked like 'originally' :-p

  9. I love this! I would like to visit this exact spot. Very cute.