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Every friday a new word, a new challenge: It keeps me illustrating.

2 mei 2018

IF transformation

Even a wall flower 
can transform 
into something spectaculair. 
It all depends on the light,
on getting space and air,
on finding the power 
to perform. 

23 februari 2018

IF house

A house with a big door
is like a sailor with a big boat,
is like a man with a big heart:
It can harbour many creatures,
small, tall, all.

As for me, 
I am a special case,
I have a special place:
I cling to his left toe
so he won't forget 
the sea 

one picture is too small and the other too big, 
but maybe it's nice to see some details...


15 februari 2018

IF Olympics

And then you loose...


7 februari 2018

IF mythology

My Pegasus with Muse, free interpretation of the painting by Odilon Redon, and tribute to the artist!
(Pegasus was the winged horse born from the love of Poseidon and Medusa. 
He reached the mountain Olympus. He stamped his hoof 
and made a fountain that gives inspiration to poets and muses)

1 februari 2018

IF blue

Blue moon and blue bird found each other on a semi 'Delfts blue' plate

25 januari 2018

IF number 5

5 trees make no forest
but for me it's the world.

Number 1 I call The Hand,
every morning he waves hi!

Number 2 is Fork,
he is two trees in one.

Number 3 is Thin and Tall,
reaching for the sky.

Number 4 is Mister Beauty,
stout and proud,
exactly as a tree should be. 

Number 5 is Sprout,
he is a specialty, 
my windowsilly baby tree.

13 januari 2018

IF guitar

When nightingale dad
put his children to bed
he plays the guitar
and makes a nice choir
with his friend, little star
they sing a lullaby
about sweet applepie
and flying sky high
there is romance and dance
but owl wants Silence!